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Omaxe Chandni Chowk
Omaxe Chandni Chowk
Real Estate

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


Investment Type


Minimum Investment



We expect the return rate to increase upto 14% during the tenure of the investment.

7 years

Lease Tenure

₹ 68.56 Lakhs

Total Investment


AI-based Technology Usage
Projected Gross Revenue: 124 cr
Orders Fulfilled: 5k+
Average month-on-month Growth: 125%

Deal Terms:

  • Investment Type: Hybrid (50% Equity + 50% Leasing)
  • Minimum Investment: INR 5000
  • Funding Target: INR 20,00,000
  • Lease ROI: 12% p.a.
  • Lease Tenure: 30 Months
  • Equity Exit: June 2027 (60 Months)
  • Minimum Exit Target: 6x

Financial Calculator

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Return Frequency


Financial Forecasting

 Day Of InvestmentYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Annual Rental Yield12%12%12%13.5%13.6%
Capital Appreciation₹28,750.00₹33,062.00₹38,022.00₹43,725.00₹50,284.00
Selling Price₹50,284.00
Why to Invest?

The Cloud Kitchen Market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.5% during the years 2024-2028. The market is expected to expand as the population's preference for online food delivery services grows. A total of 60% of Indian working class works more than nine hours daily. The hectic schedules and their ability to spend money on services such as online food delivery influences growth of the cloud kitchen market in the coming years.

What is the structure of this deal?

The current deal comes in a hybrid format, where your investment will be split equally and invested across Equity and Kitchen Equipment leased to Gaman Foods.

What is the investment tenure?

The equity is under a lock-in period of 60 months and the lease re-payment (initial investment + lease interest) ends in 30 months.

When do I start getting my returns?

You may expect your first returns on this investment within 45 days and thereby on every 30 days as the re-payment frequency on lease investment is monthly.

What is the ROI of this deal?

The equity is expected to grow at a 6x rate over the next 60 months and your lease investment is going to generate a 12% p.a. interest.

What is the investment safety in this deal?

The underlying asset in this deal is the Kitchen Equipment alongside the getting the rights of first re-payment as the preferential creditors like a bank.

Are the returns pre-tax or post-tax?

SterlCent currently distributes the returns on a pre-tax basis, as not necessarily all of our users may be falling under a 30% tax slab. We intend to keep the income taxable directly in the hands of our users so that users may pay taxes based on their respective tax slabs.

How do I need to file my ITR for this income?

Since you shall be onboarded into a LLP as sleeping partner, in addition to your normal course of Income Tax filings, you shall be required to fill ITR form 3. Further, you shall be complete assistance and relevant documents from SterlCent to file your returns.

Gaman Foods Pvt. Ltd

Company Name

Gaman Foods Pvt. Ltd


Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

SPV Name

SterlCent Foods Project LLP

Established In

Oct 2020

Social Media

Oct 2020

Meet the team

Manpreet Singh

Manpreet Singh

CEO and Co-founder

Gaurav Pant

Gaurav Pant

COO and Co-founder

Kaushik Chattopadhyay

Kaushik Chattopadhyay

Advisor Finance

Little Yadav

Little Yadav

Co-founder & CCO

Amit Mathur

Amit Mathur

Advisor Business Strategy