What are Alternative Investments?

    Alts Investments include investments in asset classes that fall outside the traditional asset classes. These have been the most accessible assets for investors in the past like, stocks, gold, bonds, or pension funds. Alts Assets include Commercial Real Estate, Cloud Kitchens, EV Infrastructure, and many others.

    What is SterlCent?

    SterlCent is a tech-driven platform that aims to add alternative assets to every portfolio by offering analysis-backed investment opportunities.

    Why Alternative Investments?

    Alts assets offer an attractive value proposition as they hold the potential to generate high returns with minimizing the risk exposure. Performance and returns on these assets are not dependent on the market. These asset classes diversify an investor's portfolio beyond traditional investments, ultimately reducing the overall risk exposure to the portfolio.

    How does SterlCent channelise investments into Alts Assets?

    Due to the nature and high value of these alternative investments, SterlCent follows the model of collaborative investments or fractional ownership wherein a group of people come together to pool in funds and invest in these highly promising assets.

    How does collaborative investments work?

    The framework of collaborative investment is designed in such a manner where a group of people invest together in a given asset and earn monetary returns in the proportion of their investments. To simplify, let us assume there is a premium commercial real estate asset worth INR 1 crore, which is earning INR 1L per month as rentals. Now without adding burden on individual pockets, SterlCent brings together four individuals investing INR 25L to own 25% of each, of the whole asset. Further, the rentals and capital appreciation are distributed amongst them in a proportion of 25% each.

    What are different alternative assets available with SterlCent?

    SterlCent offers users analysis-backed, high-yielding commercial real estate, vacation homes, vertical farming, renewable energy, EV infrastructure, cloud kitchens, flight simulators, among others.

    How does an asset qualify for listing on SterlCent?

    At SterlCent, we are committed to managing users' funds with utmost trust and transparency. We strongly prioritize users' capital invested and returns on investments. Every asset listed on SterlCent goes through a complex evaluation process considering multiple micro and macro factors.

    How does SterlCent helps in diversification?

    The essence of diversification is allocating capital in a way to reduce the risk exposure to one particular asset class to optimize the portfolio. With SterlCent users can own a small fraction of high-valued Grade A assets without burning all their funds on one asset. For example - Miss. A has an investment budget of INR 50,000 and wants to invest in different asset classes. SterlCent evaluates her financial health and helps her with the financial planning, this lets her understand the correct asset class for investment. Assuming Cloud Kitchens and Commercial Real Estate are the best assets for her - she can go ahead and invest INR 25,000 in each of these.

    Who manages the assets and the investments?

    SterlCent has a dedicated team that manages the assets and users' funds.

    I am confused about the investment options, where should I invest?

    We understand the complexities around investment. To help you navigate, we have SterlCent Advisory - which focuses on curating a goal-based financial plan for you. This gives a balanced risk exposure alongside optimizing the liquidity of your investment portfolio, ultimately improving your financial health.

    Can NRI invest with SterlCent?

    Yes, the investments can be made. However, due to regulatory and other compliances, we are only able to accept investments through NRO accounts. Investments can not be made through NRE accounts for now.

    How do I invest in an Alts Asset through SterlCent ?

    That is pretty simple; Step 1: Sign Up and complete the KYC on our platform. Step 2: Browse through our listed assets and their deal terms. Step 3: Make the payment using one of the multiple payment options available. Step 4: You may expect a confirmation call from our team followed by deal documents to be signed electronically. Step 5: Start receiving monthly returns.

    Who can invest through SterlCent?

    SterlCent is making alternative investments accessible to everyone - whether you are a novice or investment expert and everyone in between.

    Do I need to find co-owners myself?

    No, SterlCent finds co-investors in every listing. We'd be glad to have your referrals though.

    Can I invest with my own family and friends?

    Yes of course! If you wish to invest with the pre-formed group, SterlCent will reduce all its fees to 50%.

    What is the minimum investment amount?

    To improve diversification and balanced portfolio creation, minimum investment at SterlCent starts at INR 25,000. However, this may change in some cases.

    What if the deal is not funded completely?

    We plan our deals considering all market odds and make our best to initiate users' returns even if the deal is not fully funded. However, in some cases we might have to return the whole invested amount. We initiate the refund for the same in ten working days.

    How is transperancy maintained on SterlCent?

    SterlCent is strongly committed to building investing relations with utmost trust and transparency. Any and every document related to the complete deal and users' investment - is made available to the user on their investment dashboard under the reports section. Additionally, we'd be glad to provide every sort of explanation and detail to maintain complete transparency.

    How long do I need to stay invested? What is the ideal tenure of investment?

    The investment tenure is very subjective based on the asset class that a user wants to invest in. Users can always reach out to us to draw a detailed investment plan based on their financial goals.

    How can I sign the deal documents?

    Once users have successfully invested, the agreements shall be made available on their online investment dashboard alongside email. Users can sign these documents electronically at their convenience.

    How will I get answer to my queries?

    The team at SterlCent is always available to assist users with any and every query that they may have.

    What happens to my investment if SterlCent shuts its operations?

    The investment will not be impacted since our users are the actual owner of these assets.

    Do I need to manage something on a monthly basis?

    No. SterlCent is here as your investment manager.

    How can I exit a particular investment?

    There are typically two ways to exit from your investment; 1. Sell your share to other investors within the existing pool or a third-party investor. 2. Once we exit from the whole investment.

    How will I know when the deal is fully funded?

    You will be proactively informed about every single update associated with your investment through the investment dashboard and email communications.

    Do I need to sign documents on very frequently?

    No, users are not required to sign documents on a very frequent basis. However, you might have to sign a few documents during your investment tenure.

    How does SterlCent help users save on interest cost?

    SterlCent reduces the debt burden on users with its collaborative investment structure wherein users do not need to add a debt liability to own a high-valued premium Grade A alternative asset.

    Would there be any deductions from my income?

    The income shall be distributed after deducting any taxes at source and SterlCent fees.

    How will my income be determined?

    The income will be distributed in the same proportion as that of capital investment.

    How will I receive the distribution of income?

    Income shall be directly credited to users' registered bank account.

    What sort of fees are there while making an investment?

    SterlCent has no upfront charges while investing. However, we have a nominal 2% management fee on the returns generated from investments. The detailed schedule of fees could be traced in the investment-related documents.

    Does SterlCent offer guranteed returns on investment?

    Our due diligence process tries to eliminate every kind of risk associated with the investments, even in the worst market situations. However, we do not guarantee returns. The projections that we provide are based on the deal terms and involves risk exposure from multiple micro and macro market factors.

    Will my Income Tax filing will be impacted?

    Yes, since you would be a partner in the LLP, the income tax filing process will be impacted. However, we do not intend to leave you alone while navigating through these complexities. We shall be providing the complete details and required assistance in the whole process.

    Who holds the title of the asset?

    An LLP is set up to hold the title of the asset. Co-owners are the partners in the LLP, with SterlCent as an investment and asset manager.

    Is my investment secure? What if something goes wrong?

    We list alternative assets post our rigorous due diligence, eliminating maximum risk at this stage itself to safeguard users' investments.Further, in situations of all odds - we have complete control over the assets wherein we can realize investments. It is to be noted that SterlCent does not guarantee 100% returns in case of the most adverse conditions.

    Do I need to get get in touch with my own lawyer?

    As part of our due diligence, we get all our legal documents prepared, reviewed, and advised by the most credible service providers. However, should you wish to get the documents reviewed by an independent legal advisor, we'd be delighted to answer the questions that you may have.

    How credible is SterlCent?

    SterlCent falls under the governance of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Additionally, we'd be delighted to provide documents for your independent review.

    Does my designation as a partner in the LLP impact to my full time employment?

    The Limited Partnership Agreement executed while investing puts no obligation on the users' for the management. There are no legal restrictions in being a partner to LLP that would create conflicts in users' employment.

    What happens to the investment in case of an unforeseen event with the user?

    While onboarding the users to our platform, we ask for the nominations. In case of an unforeseen event, the returns and investment is routed to the nominee.

    Is my persoanl information safe with SterlCent?

    Our platform is backed with the most advanced privacy features to secure your information with us. SterlCent does not share users' data with any third party. You may refer to our privacy policy to know more. (link to be applied)