Why Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments are the future!

a traditional diversification between equities and bonds may no longer be enough to meet long-term financial goals. The era of Alternatives can help to optimize the portfolio by minimizing volatility, enhancing returns, and diversifying investments amongst asset classes.

Broader diversification

Keeping all eggs in one basket has never been a great idea. With lower dependency on traditional investments, alternatives can optimize your portfolio most appropriately.

Lower volatility

Alternatives are less dependent on market fluctuations and more on the internal strength of a particular investment; hence, alternatives can potentially reduce the overall risk exposure of a portfolio.

Optimize Returns

Alternatives improve the risk-return profile of a portfolio while enhancing total return through introducing broader investments opportunities and strategies.

What's Fractional Ownership

Collaboratively invest in assets without paying the full amount

Investing in high-value assets like real estate, flight simulators, and more has not been a trivial thing for a retail investor. The cost of investing in such assets is very high and requires a lot of expertise. With the fractional ownership model, you

Own a fraction of the asset

We bring individuals with aligning financial goals, together to invest and own an asset, everyone owns a piece of the complete asset.

By investing lesser capital

Reducing the burden on your bank balance, providing greater flexibility, and encouraging investment habits. The ownership of the asset is proportionately determined based on your capital investment.

And start getting returns

No matter how small your investment is, start getting monthly income from SterlCent as soon as you invest.

Why SterlCent

We navigate through all the complexities while you enjoy the returns!

SterlCent takes care of analyzing the asset before listing, managing the assets, legalities, and much more while you sit back and see your money grow.

Realise the true potential of your money

With monthly pay-outs, and low-ticket size investments, you unleash the true power of non-market-linked returns. Make money while you sleep!

Earn high rewards at lower risks

Earn monthly income with a lower risk of losing the value of your money.

Join the HNI club

Investments in the alternative assets have been typically restricted to 1% of the total investors. With SterlCent, it is not the same anymore.

Think beyond traditional assets

Market-linked investments have always been prone to market swings and volatility. With SterlCent, you can invest in non-market-linked assets and switch to a more stable form of investment.

How it works

Understanding how we make things happen


We do the heavy-lifting for you

We do the risk accessing of assets and different investment opportunities and prepare a highly curated list of reliable assets.


Choose what fits best to your financial goals

Login into SterlCent and choose from the marketplace after checking extensive financial projections for the asset.


Make your investment

Choose from analysis-backed opportunities across yields that align best with your financial goals, risk appetite, and investment horizon. Invest with a click of a button.


Track your investments

Monitor your investments from SterlCent's Investment Dashboard. Your monthly reports, transactions, and just everything you need are there.

Don't look for the needle in the haystack. Just buy the haystack!

- John C. Bogle

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